Tribune Thursday: Greenland partially revealed

  1. Charles W. Morse is trying to end the receivership of the National Bank of North America, but there are a few minor obstacles to that plan:

    it is far from certain that he will be successful in accomplishing this object before he and Alfred H. Curtis, the former president of the bank, will be called to plead in the United States Circuit Court next October to indictments charging them with making false entries in their reports as officers of the bank to the Controller of Currency and with misapplication of the funds of the bank.

    1. The 200 passengers aboard the steamer Cincinnati managed to escape their sinking boat after it “struck a submerged spile in Cahutaugua Lake” not far from the landing pier.
    2. Service was delayed on the New Haven railroad after lightning struck a wire.
    3. A call for public financing, or just a fundraising pitch in the guise of one?:

      Believing that each voter should give two cents a month, or 25 cents a year, toward creating a national campaign fund, and estimating that there are 150,000 Democratic voters in Oklahoma, the Democracy of the state is asked by the leaders to give $150,000 toward the Bryan campaing, or 25 cents a year for the four years since the last campaign.

  2. Danish explorer Mylius Erichsen and two others on an expedition in Greenland, have died in a snowstorm. The article adds, hopefully:

    Otherwise the exploring party has been successful. Large tracts of unknown land have been mapped out and the entire northeastern coast of Greenland has been charted.

    Below, the paper runs an obituary for Erichsen.


  4. The so-called city of light, c’est-à-dire Paris, was without power for a couple of hours while electricians at a plant attempted to go on strike.

    1. The Equitable Life Assurance Society denied reports that they are planning to build a one thousand foot tall building at their current location, 120 Broadway, saying that they have “adopted no definite plans as yet for any new building.”
    2. Senator Norris Brown predicts that Taft will sweep Nebraska against Bryan.

  7. It’s not clear if Governor Charles Evans Hughes will be renominated, but maneuvering inside the Republican party suggests that a decision will come soon.

Illustration: map of Greenland.