Tribune Thursday: wireless telephonic communication

  1. Remarkable news from the presidential campaign: Taft might actually campaign. Rather than remain in Cincinnati for September and October as planned, “it is by no means impossible” that Taft will “make a speaking tour of at least some of the doubtful states.”

  3. John P. Reid, “said to be a wealthy American,” committed suicide in England.

  5. The American fleet arrived to an enthusiastic welcome in Sydney.

  7. The De Forest Radio Telephone Company has signed a contract with the Metropolitan Life Insurance Company that allows it to install a “wireless apparatus” in the insurance company’s Madison avenue tower. The radio telephone company expects that New York will be in “wireless telephonic communication” with Paris – where a similar apparatus will be installed on the Eiffel Tower – within two years.

  9. The Lusitania set a new world record for crossing the Atlantic. The time of 4 days and 15 hours was 3 hours and 40 minutes faster than the previous record for an average speed of 25.05 knots.

  11. It is looking increasingly likely that Charles Evans Hughes will be renominated for Governor of New York.

Photo: “A street scene in Sydney and the Governor of New South Wales”