Tribune Friday (in 1908: Saturday)

  1. In Fort Meyer, Virginia, in front of a crowd of spectators, Orville Wright set a new record for the longest flight “for a heavier-than-air machine”: 1 hour, 10 minutes, 26 seconds.

  3. One person was killed in an explosion in a dye shop in Syracuse.

  5. A serious accident in the “24-Hour Auto Contest” apparently still ongoing in Brighton Beach sent two men to the hospital and led to the withdrawal of two cars from the race. Of the eleven cars to start the contest, only seven remain. Interesting detail: President Roosevelt gave the “starting signal…over the telephone from Oyster Bay.”

  7. A hurricane has devastated the Turk’s Islands. The extent of the devastation is still not entirely clear, but a number of people have lost their lives.

  9. Louis Lippman, “alias Metzler” was arrested in Buffalo for embezzling $300,000 from a New York banking house.

  11. There is yet more discussion of the maneuvering taking place over the Republican state ticket in New York. The convention will begin in Saratoga in a few days and it seems clear that Hughes will win renomination.