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9 September 2008
by andrew
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small town (numerical) values

It’s really sort of remarkable, the lengths some people will go to in order to hide the metropolitan reality of this country. And that’s assuming that Wasilla and all other similarly-sized cities are small towns that are not, as surely … Continue reading

5 September 2008
by andrew
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Tribune Thursday Friday

It will be up later. Various obligations kept me from doing it on Thursday (which just ended for me). Update: Here it is. Banker George I. Whitney of Pittsburg wrote a letter “to friends in this city” saying that among … Continue reading

4 September 2008
by andrew

cultural geography

Isn’t Wasilla really more of a suburb than a small town? The city website’s “At Work” page talks about “small-town living” but the statistics sure look like “suburb” (or “exurb”): One of the Mat-Su Borough’s chief exports is labor. Wasilla … Continue reading

2 September 2008
by andrew
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stand out

This remarkable story comes towards the end of Bob Herbert’s recent column about Obama’s convention speech: P.T. Cochran would agree. Mr. Cochran, 88, a retired appraiser for the city of Detroit, recalled a day in 1944 when he and a … Continue reading

1 September 2008
by andrew

ballot cards

I was going to review a book about (the idea of) work today, but I’m still reading it. So instead I’ll write a little about card check, which I’ve been trying to learn more about. As I understand it (and … Continue reading