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15 February 2008
by andrew

because this blog needs content

It is probably a practice frowned upon by the arbiters of blogger ethics but I’m going to start posting long comments I write elsewhere over here, for archiving purposes. On steamboats vs. railroads:* 1. Schwantes’ book on steam travel in … Continue reading

12 February 2008
by andrew
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From Mr. Smith Goes to Washington: PAGE BOY*: *Here you are Senator. Not a bad desk either. Daniel Webster used to use it. JEFFERSON*: *Daniel Webster sat here? Holy Mackerel. PAGE BOY*: *Give you something to shoot at, Senator. If … Continue reading

10 February 2008
by andrew


The comments to this post – and the subject of the post itself – reminded me of something I wondered about some years back when I was thinking of the different ways different countries have approached dramatic transitions from one type of … Continue reading