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14 May 2009
by andrew
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recommended daily allowance

This Bill Moyers interview with Simon Johnson and Michael Perino about the Pecora Commission and its relevance for today is very very good, and anyone interested in the financial crisis who also has the slightest bit of interest in history … Continue reading

31 March 2009
by andrew
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markets just keep emerging

From that much-recommended Simon Johnson article on the financial crisis: The great wealth that the financial sector created and concentrated gave bankers enormous political weight—a weight not seen in the U.S. since the era of J.P. Morgan (the man). In … Continue reading

23 March 2009
by andrew
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the emerging merger movement

Yglesias writes: My biggest concern about the PPIP approach to the banking system is that even if it works, what it does essentially is return us to the pre-crisis status quo—banks that are so large that they’re too politically powerful … Continue reading

6 February 2009
by andrew
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in the long run, we are all relieved of our tax burdens

…but, apparently, not of our credit card obligations. Or so Bank of America would have you believe.

5 February 2009
by andrew
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arduous days ahead

While reading FDR’s first inaugural recently, I was struck by just how forceful it is. Most of the time when I see quotes from FDR’s speeches they’re statements about specific events: “date that will live in infamy”; universal statements: “only … Continue reading

29 January 2009
by andrew
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following leaders

0.2: Fifty-five Bostonians, including the president of Harvard, A. Lawrence Lowell, signed a petition accusing Brandeis of lacking the “judicial temperament.” It was the kind of campaign that could get people muttering that if those guys didn’t like Brandeis, maybe … Continue reading

9 January 2009
by andrew
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gaming shows

I hadn’t watched Wheel of Fortune in years, but I caught a bit of an episode last night. Apparently the special prize panels have gone way up in value relative to the other panels, which still range from a few … Continue reading

22 December 2008
by andrew


Word rationing has reached the newspapers. This article Banking Regulator Played Advocate Over Enforcer Agency Let Lenders Grow Out of Control, Then Fail By Binyamin Appelbaum and Ellen Nakashima Washington Post Staff Writers Sunday, November 23, 2008; A01 contains the … Continue reading

24 November 2008
by andrew
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the loquacity crisis

There’s a pattern to much of the reporting on the financial crisis and the bailout. See if you can identify it. From “Banking Regulator Played Advocate Over Enforcer” the Washington Post‘s report on the Office of Thrift Supervision: 1. In … Continue reading