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24 May 2012
by andrew
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synthesizing the past

It was arranged for me to see Charles Beard, who was attending the American Historical Association’s 1935 convention in New York. Perched on the bed in his overheated room in the Hotel Pennsylvania, Beard poured forth his scorn for the … Continue reading

18 December 2009
by andrew
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merely synthetic

Years ago, ex-blogger (and current twitterer) Caleb McDaniel wrote a post about academic plagiarism called “Good Fear and Bad.” The good fear was the fear of committing plagiarism that keeps academics vigilant, guarding against carelessness and error in their own … Continue reading

3 December 2009
by andrew
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historians and their fact-finding

I’ve been browsing through studies of archival users over the past few days and have been finding them fascinating. (This probably says something about me.) There seems to have been a huge upsurge in interest in studying users within the … Continue reading

7 November 2009
by andrew

a matter of degrees

Louis Menand: The moral of the story that the numbers tell once seemed straightforward: if there are fewer jobs for people with Ph.D.s, then universities should stop giving so many Ph.D.s—by making it harder to get into a Ph.D. program … Continue reading

27 October 2009
by andrew
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the mysteries of language

invigilate (verb): 1. to keep watch. 2. British. to keep watch over students at an examination. invigilance, invigilancy (noun): Want of vigilance; neglect of watching; carelessness.

2 October 2009
by andrew

levels of knowledge

Being in school again has me thinking about what it means to know something. Not because of anything covered in any one course, but because of the fact of the courses themselves. When you’re out of school, if you read … Continue reading

24 August 2009
by andrew
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transcript and memory

I ran through something like this in my head last fall when I dug up my college transcript to apply for library school. But it hadn’t occurred to me to make a post out of it until I read teo’s … Continue reading

26 June 2009
by andrew
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shifting focus

For the first time in about three years, I have a fairly good idea of what I’ll be doing for the next three years: I’m going to be attending library school at the University of British Columbia in the joint … Continue reading

26 March 2009
by andrew
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the structures of archival research

News of John Hope Franklin’s passing yesterday had me re-reading his 1988 Charles Homer Haskins Lecture (pdf). The Haskins Lectures are supposed to be autobiographical; Franklin’s makes me want to read his memoir. Particularly striking are his memories of doing … Continue reading

8 March 2009
by andrew
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laws of science

Congressional Record, 2 May 2007, 4388-4391: PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY Mr. PRICE of Georgia. Mr. Chairman, I have a parliamentary inquiry. The Acting CHAIRMAN. The gentleman will state his parliamentary inquiry. Mr. PRICE of Georgia. Would it have been possible for the … Continue reading