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10 April 2010
by andrew

a system of signs

Sometimes, in the library, information seeks you. Books on the hold shelf come wrapped in sheets of paper fastened with rubber bands. This is next to the self-checkout machine. Self-checkout has its perils. So do certain kinds of micro- readers. … Continue reading

9 April 2010
by andrew
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pointed and shot

I finally remembered to bring “my” camera to the library today. Keep in mind that the windows are  dirty, I’ve actually borrowed this camera and barely used it before, I don’t know anything about how to set lighting/zoom/etc properly though … Continue reading

3 April 2010
by andrew
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seeing and believing

Alana Newhouse’s article about photographer Roman Vishniac, his photographs, the stories he told with and about those photographs, and the evidence that challenges those stories, is really kind of fantastic. Never heard of Vishniac? (I hadn’t.) Not sure you’re interested? … Continue reading

4 January 2010
by andrew
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If I were in the habit of taking photos, I’d have kept the digital camera I’m borrowing for a while in the front of the car with me on my drive back up here instead of carefully wrapping it in … Continue reading

1 February 2009
by andrew

сколько лет, сколько зим

I’m a huge fan of re-photography – the practice of re-staging old photographs as precisely as possible and then comparing the earlier and later. Third View, focusing on the American west, is a good example. But these shots of St. … Continue reading

20 November 2008
by andrew
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At first I was going to say that the Life magazine photo archive Google is hosting seems a bit confused about chronology: But it turns out you can search for the French and Indian War and get results.

21 July 2008
by andrew
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sketchy subways

Article. Illustrations. (U-bahns, too.) I liked this: Frost also rides the F train and is buddies with Velandria on Flickr’s subway sketchers group. But the two have never met face to face. Meanwhile, the New York Times tried to draw … Continue reading

24 May 2008
by andrew
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scene from the mortgage mess

Francis William Edmonds, The Speculator (1852) (Smithsonian American Art Museum)