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29 January 2010
by andrew

and I thought I’d spent a lot of my life around libraries

Apparently, many New York Public Library branches used to have live-in superintendents, some of whose families also lived in the library buildings with them. I wonder how many other non-residential buildings had this kind of set-up – and if other … Continue reading

26 January 2010
by andrew
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I see via Henry at Crooked Timber that Nicholar Carr is coming out with a book expanding on his essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?“, which appeared in the Atlantic in 2008. Or so I’ve heard. I read the essay … Continue reading

22 January 2010
by andrew
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oh, that T.R.

Archivists, at least English-speaking ones, would probably recognize the name T.R. Schellenberg. But would they know what the “T.R.” stands for, and why he used it instead of his full name? Apparently, his parents had some political heroes*: The next … Continue reading

16 January 2010
by andrew

screen time

I’m used to universities having a “main” library but I can’t tell which library here would be it. The two largest branches have people’s names attached to them. One is a “learning centre” while the other is a “library.” You … Continue reading

10 January 2010
by andrew
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the social construction of reality

This is more interesting as social phenomenon than as a sports clip. At least that’s what I’m telling myself. J.R. Smith is taking a lot of (deserved) criticism for walking out of bounds with the ball as if the shot … Continue reading

4 January 2010
by andrew
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If I were in the habit of taking photos, I’d have kept the digital camera I’m borrowing for a while in the front of the car with me on my drive back up here instead of carefully wrapping it in … Continue reading