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22 August 2012
by andrew
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new url

I’m not sure if anyone’s still checking this blog, given the infrequency of my posting, but if you are, you might be interested in knowing that I’ve finally gotten my own space and have a new blog url.

27 July 2012
by andrew
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about (1)

It is difficult to write a good short bio; it can be difficult to share a good detailed one. I doubt this will turn out to be either, but I feel like I should write one anyway. To put it … Continue reading

27 September 2011
by andrew
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owned content

Generally, I wouldn’t consider a return to posting on my blog something worthy of announcement, but then I never expected to stop posting for over a year.* During that time I have gotten both busier academically and more involved in … Continue reading

2 October 2009
by andrew

levels of knowledge

Being in school again has me thinking about what it means to know something. Not because of anything covered in any one course, but because of the fact of the courses themselves. When you’re out of school, if you read … Continue reading

26 June 2009
by andrew
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shifting focus

For the first time in about three years, I have a fairly good idea of what I’ll be doing for the next three years: I’m going to be attending library school at the University of British Columbia in the joint … Continue reading

25 April 2009
by andrew
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not good

The sounds my laptop fan – I hope it’s just the fan – is making lead me to believe it’s nearing the point of unusability. On the other hand, the actual computer processing seems to be more or less that … Continue reading

20 March 2009
by andrew

one two three four five six seven eight nine ten eleven twelve thirteen fourteen fifteen sixteen seventeen eighteen nineteen twenty twenty-o

I started following blogs to read and comment. Then I started blogging. The same thing might happen with twitter, though I don’t know how often I plan to update. It certainly will make the small number of feeds I started … Continue reading

4 March 2009
by andrew
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design in darkness

Having started out, some time ago, as a Blogger blogger, I appreciate how much better – I’d say more intuitive, but I’m not sure whether blogs are intuitive at all – WordPress is for free blogging. I’m not sure what … Continue reading

8 December 2008
by andrew
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I wonder if they mention RSS

From an article that appeared in the New York Times a few weeks ago: In between the slow bloggers and the rapid-fire ones, there is a vast middle, hundreds of thousands of writers who are not trying to attract advertising … Continue reading