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4 January 2010
by andrew
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If I were in the habit of taking photos, I’d have kept the digital camera I’m borrowing for a while in the front of the car with me on my drive back up here instead of carefully wrapping it in … Continue reading

7 August 2008
by andrew
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freeway density

I’m going to be in the Los Angeles area (technically I’m not staying in LA itself) for the weekend. I don’t really have any plans. I might drive over to take the light rail somewhere. (link to labeled map)

6 August 2008
by andrew

driving behavior

I don’t know how much you can tell about a city’s drivers by walking around. Probably not much. I remember walking in San Francisco in 2000 and being very conscious of the fact that I had seen reports on the … Continue reading

29 July 2008
by andrew
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beaten tracks

Talk of how we’ve entered a new “gilded age” tends to center on questions of inequality, but it has also led a number of people to draw analogies (sometimes well, sometimes poorly) between the old Gilded Age and our time. … Continue reading

26 July 2008
by andrew
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multilateral discarmament

Growing up near and then in Berkeley, I got used to the traffic barriers and speed bumps that dot the residential side streets not far from downtown and the university campus. I’ve heard people unfamiliar with the area complain about … Continue reading

21 July 2008
by andrew
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sketchy subways

Article. Illustrations. (U-bahns, too.) I liked this: Frost also rides the F train and is buddies with Velandria on Flickr’s subway sketchers group. But the two have never met face to face. Meanwhile, the New York Times tried to draw … Continue reading

12 July 2008
by andrew
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the west “coast”

The geographical problems with this paragraph leave me nearly speechless: Do you really need to ask? Obviously, I’m for building high speed rail. The California coast is a potentially excellent rail corridor with a whole bunch of kinda close urban … Continue reading

29 June 2008
by andrew
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one for on the road

Yglesias: I’m not sure a drunken commute is really the ideal we need to be aspiring toward. I don’t know about that. It may be more dangerous to outlaw alcohol on transit than to allow it.

17 June 2008
by andrew


I’ve been meaning to start writing about transportation stuff ever since this post, but other things have gotten in the way. Here are some links I’ve collected in the last month: Over at The Bellows, Ryan Avent asks his commenters, … Continue reading