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17 September 2009
by andrew

keynesianism within one country

I still have only a rudimentary understanding of the Canadian political system, but one thing that’s stood out in my news reading in this time of public budget crises is the fact that Canadian provinces are allowed to run deficits. … Continue reading

15 September 2009
by andrew
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e-government is great

I received my juror questionnaire last Thursday night, quite some time after it was forwarded from the U.S. I thought I’d have to rush it back to make sure it got processed in time, but it turned out I could … Continue reading

10 September 2009
by andrew
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leaving one’s peers

The federal courts want me; the summons must have gone out just as I left California. I hope having moved to Canada is a good enough excuse to not have to serve on a jury in Los Angeles, but we’ll … Continue reading