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3 June 2013
by andrew
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a bunch of stuff I said about archives

It’s a sign of how much I’ve been neglecting this blog that even though I did an email interview last month about archives, and even though I posted links to it from my social media accounts, I’m only now mentioning … Continue reading

26 January 2010
by andrew
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I see via Henry at Crooked Timber that Nicholar Carr is coming out with a book expanding on his essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?“, which appeared in the Atlantic in 2008. Or so I’ve heard. I read the essay … Continue reading

16 January 2010
by andrew

screen time

I’m used to universities having a “main” library but I can’t tell which library here would be it. The two largest branches have people’s names attached to them. One is a “learning centre” while the other is a “library.” You … Continue reading

3 November 2009
by andrew

replenishing returns

This Hour Has 22 Minutes takes a look at copyright and file sharing, and blank cassettes, and blank video tapes, and blank paper: It’s too bad they didn’t bring up probably the oldest and most common form of legal media … Continue reading

25 August 2009
by andrew
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the theory of computational sentiments

I don’t doubt that Tim Burke is not incorrect to take a skeptical view of the practice of using sentiment analysis as a market research tool. Sentiment analysis, for those of you who, like me, hadn’t heard of it before, … Continue reading

3 February 2009
by andrew
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the old ways

I see that I’m not the only one making the 0.2/2.0 contrast. Here’s Eric Johnson, in comments to Dan Cohen’s recent write-up of the Smithsonian 2.0 conference (I hope it’s ok that I excerpt the entire comment): The thing that … Continue reading

29 January 2009
by andrew
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following leaders

0.2: Fifty-five Bostonians, including the president of Harvard, A. Lawrence Lowell, signed a petition accusing Brandeis of lacking the “judicial temperament.” It was the kind of campaign that could get people muttering that if those guys didn’t like Brandeis, maybe … Continue reading

12 December 2008
by andrew
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the visual display of qualitative information

If you really want to know what it’s in the criminal complaint filed against Rod Blagojevich, you can read it. But in this 2.0 world, why read when you can visualize? Bill Allison at the Sunlight Foundation’s Real Time Investigations … Continue reading

20 November 2008
by andrew
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At first I was going to say that the Life magazine photo archive Google is hosting seems a bit confused about chronology: But it turns out you can search for the French and Indian War and get results.

29 October 2008
by andrew
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follow ups

Since I’m picking up this blog again and catching up on some of my RSS feeds, I should probably follow up on some of my earlier posts. 1. Unions and card check: Ezra Klein has a couple of posts on … Continue reading