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27 October 2009
by andrew
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the mysteries of language

invigilate (verb): 1. to keep watch. 2. British. to keep watch over students at an examination. invigilance, invigilancy (noun): Want of vigilance; neglect of watching; carelessness.

9 October 2009
by andrew

what about Madison and Monroe?

From the “News Notes” section of the October 1952 edition of The American Archivist: Messages addressed to the Senate by Presidents Washington, John Adams, Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, Van Buren, and Polk are among documents sent to the National Archives … Continue reading

2 October 2009
by andrew

levels of knowledge

Being in school again has me thinking about what it means to know something. Not because of anything covered in any one course, but because of the fact of the courses themselves. When you’re out of school, if you read … Continue reading