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5 February 2010
by andrew
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ahead of the Times Krugman

I am glad to see someone of Paul Krugman’s stature picking up the same kind of analogy I’ve made a couple of times in throwaway comments at The Edge of the American West. I’m sure this means I will win … Continue reading

9 October 2009
by andrew

what about Madison and Monroe?

From the “News Notes” section of the October 1952 edition of The American Archivist: Messages addressed to the Senate by Presidents Washington, John Adams, Jefferson, John Quincy Adams, Van Buren, and Polk are among documents sent to the National Archives … Continue reading

8 March 2009
by andrew
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laws of science

Congressional Record, 2 May 2007, 4388-4391: PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY Mr. PRICE of Georgia. Mr. Chairman, I have a parliamentary inquiry. The Acting CHAIRMAN. The gentleman will state his parliamentary inquiry. Mr. PRICE of Georgia. Would it have been possible for the … Continue reading

19 February 2009
by andrew
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big sky, country

Who would have thought that in a democracy based on geographic representation, elected officials would have the effrontery to announce that their policies would help their constituents? But it’s happening. Despite all the talk about not having earmarks in the … Continue reading

12 December 2008
by andrew
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the visual display of qualitative information

If you really want to know what it’s in the criminal complaint filed against Rod Blagojevich, you can read it. But in this 2.0 world, why read when you can visualize? Bill Allison at the Sunlight Foundation’s Real Time Investigations … Continue reading

10 December 2008
by andrew
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analogy watch

How long until the Truman:Pendergast::Obama:Blagojevich analogy shows up in the major media? Never mind if the person making the analogy does a good job with differences and historical specifics. I’d just be amazed if it’s not made at all.

25 August 2008
by andrew
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constructing reality

This part of the Neil Volz article discussed below deserves to be highlighted: Volz said Ney would never openly admit that anything he did was wrong or improper. He had his version of the truth and would stick to it … Continue reading

25 August 2008
by andrew
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Speaking of prison as transformative experience, I was catching up on some rss reading recently and noticed this at the end of an article about former Representative Bob Ney (R-Ohio), who was just released from custody after serving time in … Continue reading

2 August 2008
by andrew

indirect sunlight

The Senate has never been a model of efficiency – and in some ways was specifically designed not to be – but this continues to be absurd: Under current rules, Senate offices must print out their campaign finance reports, which … Continue reading