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23 November 2009
by andrew
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your life work

It occurs to me that I’m at a bit of a disadvantage in writing about libraries and archives in that I haven’t taken any library courses yet. That’s next year. In the mean time, I guess I’d better inform myself … Continue reading

14 November 2009
by andrew


I mentioned in comments a few days ago that I was hoping to get in a post about some basic differences between libraries and archives before things became really busy for me again. But it looks like that’s going to … Continue reading

11 November 2009
by andrew
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Clearly, this page was designed by people who spend a lot of time thinking about authority control.

7 November 2009
by andrew

a matter of degrees

Louis Menand: The moral of the story that the numbers tell once seemed straightforward: if there are fewer jobs for people with Ph.D.s, then universities should stop giving so many Ph.D.s—by making it harder to get into a Ph.D. program … Continue reading

3 November 2009
by andrew

replenishing returns

This Hour Has 22 Minutes takes a look at copyright and file sharing, and blank cassettes, and blank video tapes, and blank paper: It’s too bad they didn’t bring up probably the oldest and most common form of legal media … Continue reading