oh, that T.R.

Archivists, at least English-speaking ones, would probably recognize the name T.R. Schellenberg. But would they know what the “T.R.” stands for, and why he used it instead of his full name? Apparently, his parents had some political heroes*:

The next three children were also boys: Henry George, named after the single tax advocate; Theodore Roosevelt, “after a President who at that time gave promise of making his surname a respectable one”; and Abraham Lincoln. In the words of Ted Schellenberg: “Fortunately none of these names were officially recorded in birth registries, so his children were not forced to live with them.”

I don’t know. Henry, Theodore, and Abraham seem like perfectly normal names to me.
*From Jane L. Smith, “Theodore R. Schellenberg: Americanizer and Popularizer,” American Archivist, 44, no. 4 (Fall 1981): 314.


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