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29 July 2008
by andrew
Comments Off on beaten tracks

beaten tracks

Talk of how we’ve entered a new “gilded age” tends to center on questions of inequality, but it has also led a number of people to draw analogies (sometimes well, sometimes poorly) between the old Gilded Age and our time. … Continue reading

7 May 2008
by andrew

trainover country

I’m a fan of rail service and I was glad to see Obama bring it up recently: The irony is with the gas prices what they are, we should be expanding rail service … We are going to be having … Continue reading

15 February 2008
by andrew

because this blog needs content

It is probably a practice frowned upon by the arbiters of blogger ethics but I’m going to start posting long comments I write elsewhere over here, for archiving purposes. On steamboats vs. railroads:* 1. Schwantes’ book on steam travel in … Continue reading