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15 August 2012
by andrew
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some readings on open data

I’ve been thinking about open data a lot this summer. Partly this is because I have a longstanding interest in transparency and government information, so I’m kind of always thinking about that sort of thing, but also because I’ve been … Continue reading

2 July 2012
by andrew
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“the library is itself their laboratory and museum”

From William Coolidge Lane, “The treatment of books according to the amount of their use” (1903): (emphasis in the original; I have added paragraph breaks for readability) The question then resolves itself into this: Can a scholar accomplish his work … Continue reading

26 January 2010
by andrew
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I see via Henry at Crooked Timber that Nicholar Carr is coming out with a book expanding on his essay “Is Google Making Us Stupid?“, which appeared in the Atlantic in 2008. Or so I’ve heard. I read the essay … Continue reading

16 January 2010
by andrew

screen time

I’m used to universities having a “main” library but I can’t tell which library here would be it. The two largest branches have people’s names attached to them. One is a “learning centre” while the other is a “library.” You … Continue reading

14 May 2009
by andrew
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recommended daily allowance

This Bill Moyers interview with Simon Johnson and Michael Perino about the Pecora Commission and its relevance for today is very very good, and anyone interested in the financial crisis who also has the slightest bit of interest in history … Continue reading

6 April 2009
by andrew

Emerson comments on the newspaper

(From “The Times” in English Traits) On influence: The most conspicuous result of this talent is the “Times” newspaper. No power in England is more felt, and more feared, or more obeyed. What you read in the morning in that … Continue reading

31 March 2009
by andrew
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markets just keep emerging

From that much-recommended Simon Johnson article on the financial crisis: The great wealth that the financial sector created and concentrated gave bankers enormous political weight—a weight not seen in the U.S. since the era of J.P. Morgan (the man). In … Continue reading

26 March 2009
by andrew
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the structures of archival research

News of John Hope Franklin’s passing yesterday had me re-reading his 1988 Charles Homer Haskins Lecture (pdf). The Haskins Lectures are supposed to be autobiographical; Franklin’s makes me want to read his memoir. Particularly striking are his memories of doing … Continue reading

8 March 2009
by andrew
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laws of science

Congressional Record, 2 May 2007, 4388-4391: PARLIAMENTARY INQUIRY Mr. PRICE of Georgia. Mr. Chairman, I have a parliamentary inquiry. The Acting CHAIRMAN. The gentleman will state his parliamentary inquiry. Mr. PRICE of Georgia. Would it have been possible for the … Continue reading