what you pay for

It looks like not a single person other than me has read this blog in the past couple of days, so I don’t think anyone has noticed I changed themes. But I have. It should be more readable: the normal text size is bigger and I like the way this theme handles blockquotes. The free wordpress.com restricts choices more than I’d like – it would be nice if the archive and category pages showed full posts – but I’m not ready to get into the CSS or to set up my own domain.

One thing I don’t like is the way the privacy settings affect the category links included in each post. If you set your blog to be public for normal readers, but blocked from search engines and other listings, the category links go to categories within your own blog. If you set your blog to be public, and included in search engines and other listings, then the category links take you off of your blog and into a listing of posts on wordpress.com blogs that use that same category name. This makes site navigation needlessly inconvenient, especially on blogs that don’t include a category list in the sidebar. (Example: go here and click on the categories.)

I’d prefer to have my blog set up so that if someone likes a post and wants to see what else I’ve written in that category, they need only click on the category link in the post, but I also want the blog visible to search engines. That doesn’t appear possible to do. Of course none of this matters very much because zero people read this blog.

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