Tribune Thursday: fleet arrives at Honolulu harbor

Top stories:

  1. An express train on the New York, New Hampshire, & Hartford Railroad derailed just past Greenwich station, leaving 1 dead and a dozen people injured.
  2. (a) Columbia University professor Darius Eatman, who did not know how to swim, drowned in a North Carolina pond after the boat he was on capsized. Eatman’s companions on the boat, who were able to swim, were unable to save him.
    (b) Unusually high pressure from firefighters’ hoses let the water used to put out a fire at Nos. 1, 3, and 5 Bond St. to cause more damage than the fire itself.
  3. A report from the Olympics in London
  4. Bad news for the Democratic presidential nominee:

    The Nebraska State Railway Employes Association, started in Nebraska as a movement against William J. Bryan and the principles for which he stands, has spread into other Western states, and already organizations are being formed in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, Kansas and Colorado. Other states will be organized as fast as possible until all railroad employes in the Middle West have joined the organization.

  5. Taft has completed the first draft of his acceptance speech for the Republican presidential nomination. He plans to cut if from 10,000 to 3500 words by the time he delivers it in Cincinnati on July 28th.
  6. The Atlantic battleship fleet arrived in Honolulu yesterday.

Photo: Honolulu harbor

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