home economy

There was an empty space on the supermarket shelf in the prepackaged foods section. Kraft macaroni and cheese, classic version, was selling at 10 for $10 or $1 per box. The rest of the individually selling Kraft styles – the movie tie-ins, the three cheeses, the white cheddar, the spirals – were selling at regular price; their rows of boxes went right to the edge. I bought the last box of classic and then a box of regularly priced spirals.

Oddly, you could buy the Kraft classic in groups of 5 for less than $1 per box, but that section on the shelf was nearly full. Maybe the offer came only after the individual boxes nearly sold out, or maybe no one bothered to do the math. If I weren’t moving in a few weeks I’d have bought the box set, but I don’t want to carry the unused boxes when I move.